It’s Disaster Season

Many businesses are on high alert for natural disasters due to mighty hurricanes and tropical storms every year. And it causes a lot of damage and costs countless lives.

With ADS data protection, rest assured that not only is your network data backup locally, but also replicated offsite with extensive data retention periods.  Backup physical or virtual server to local device while simultaneously replicating to cloud data center in the event of an emergency or disaster recovery with advance feature of instantly loading your server on our remote data center, until local services or hardware are restored.

Protect Your Business

Don’t let your business become another victim of critical data loss important to operating. Also, don’t become another statistic of a failed business as a result of catastrophic data loss. When you work with ADS Technology for business continuity planning and data recovery, you are working with a team of dedicated experts. We make sure you have a sound plan in place and your data will never get lost.