With an estimated 94% of both small and large businesses that experienced a cyber attack last year, it’s no longer a question of “if” your company will be attacked but “when.”

And when your company is attacked, will you be adequately protected so that the attack doesn’t affect your bottom line? One of the most important things we offer our South Florida business clients is our computer security service evaluation.

 Protecting your company’s digital assets is a priority at ADS. Hacks and Viruses are real threats to your operations and we can implement security measures to prevent cyber intruders from putting your business at risk. Managed IT Security provides total design, implementation and support for managed firewalls, networks, and data.

  • Managed Firewall appliance (Includes Logging and Reporting)
  • Antivirus Software
  • Anti-malware Software
  • Anti-Ransomware Software
  • Threat Center Experts
  • Complete Patch Management for Safe and Secure Workstation
  • Managed Antivirus Gateway with Deep Packet Inspection, Content Filtering, and VPN on Gateway appliance
  • Managed Wi-Fi with Secure Guest Access
  • Content Filtering on individual pc’s
  • VPN