System design and engineering.
ADS Technology has more than 35 years of system design and engineering experience. With this ADS Technology can design and engineer fire, security, access control, video, telephone entry, and IT Systems.  We maintain solid relationships with security equipment manufacturers and receive specialized training and certifications on the security systems we provide. This allows us to think more creatively about ways to maximize results. Still, there are limitations to what off-the-shelf equipment can provide, which is why ADS Technology is unique in its ability to engineer custom solutions and equipment.

You need a custom designed and technologically advanced fire/life-safety and security system based on your company’s specific needs. Make sure you get that with ADS Technology, a leading provider of premium solutions dedicated to protecting small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies with the latest products and services designed to control access, reduce chances of fire and smoke damage and implement an effective security and risk management system.Parts, pieces, mountings, wiring systems, equipment modifications, switches, control panels, software, remotes, and more – these all fall under the expertise of our in-house engineers. This skill set often allows us to achieve new, higher levels of performance and deliver better budgetary control for the systems we create. We then go the extra mile by supporting the systems we install with a dedicated team of certified technicians and direct access to our experienced customer service staff.


  • Design and engineering
  • Plan submittal
  • Permitting
  • Installation
  • Service 24 / 7


Project Coordination

The very first step of the development phase is meant to ensure that our schematic coordinates flawlessly with the architectural design of the building itself. ADS obtains up-to-date backgrounds and drawings from the client’s architect in order to understand the building and identify potential obstacles or difficulties.

Throughout the development phase, project coordination may also involve consultations with the client’s electrician, decorators, elevator manufacturer and even landscape designers, to name a few.